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The municipal district, and small residential village, of Costitx is home to around 800 people and is situated approximately 33km, or 20 miles, north of the industrial suburbs of the capital Palma.

You could well be excused for never hearing of the village before, because as with so many of the other smaller villages in Majorca the area around Costitx is relatively untouched by tourism, and certainly doesn’t feature in any of the major tour operators brochures.

If finding Costitx on a map of the island is difficult, then actually making the short trip from the Son Sant Joan airport is an absolute nightmare of a journey for an inexperienced driver, and since public transport for the transfer just isn't really a practical option, we strongly suggest making the initial trip to your accommodation by one of the numerous taxis waiting outside the arrivals hall. However, should you have already made provision to collect a hire car from the airport, or alternatively see this journey to be a challenge, our suggested route into the town from Palma is not necessarily the most direct. After leaving the Palma motorway, we usually suggest taking the PM27 motorway north to the town of Inca, on a clear day this road affords quite spectacular views over the plains of central Majorca towards the Sierra Tramuntana mountain ranges that dominate the western coast of the island. Once at Inca, you'll need the PM324 heading south east, before turning off at the junction with the V312-1 for the final few kilometers into Costitx.

Archaeological evidence shows us that the area around Costitx has been inhabited since prehistoric times, although the town that we know today originally sprang up around an old Arab farmstead during the Islamic occupation of the island before the Christian conquests by King Jaume. Evidence of these prehistoric civilisations are still visible to the modern world in the form of the 18 or so recognised archaeological sites in the area, and numerous other discoveries including the three bronze bulls heads that were found on the Talayotic site of Son Corró. However, this is something that we will again cover in more detail on the Attractions and Amenities pages.

Although for the most part Costitx is primarily a residential agricultural community, in recent years it has undergone somewhat of a transformation to the point where it is now actually attracting more locals to become resident in the town, however, the recent opening of the municipal civic centre and health centre are clearly an added inducement.

The town of Costitx is also quite famous amongst the astrometry world as being the site of the Observatori Astronňmic de Mallorca or Astronomical Observatory of Majorca. The centre was first opened in May 1991 with funding from the Government Department of Culture, Education and Sports, for the purposes of searching for and monitoring, comets and asteroids. Its proudest achievement to date has been the identification of two new asteroids, something that has not occurred in Spain for over 60 years. The observatory is open to the public, and contact details along with further information about the centre, will again be addressed as part of the Attractions and Amenities pages.

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