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If you've never heard of the resort of Cala Mandia before, you can be certainly be excused, since most of the maps of the island don't as yet recognise this as being a resort in its own right. However, if you look closely enough you may see a reference to the development of Porto Cristo Novo, some 4km to the south of Porto Cristo on the east coast of the island. If only to add further confusion, a number of the tour operators are also marketing this destination as Playa Romantica, which literally translates into English as "Romantic Beach."

In any case, this fairly remote area of the east coast, is part of the municipal district of Manacor around 70km to the east of the capital Palma, and generally visitors should normally expect a transfer time of around 1.1/2 to 2 hours from leaving the airport grounds.

If you've hired a car at the airport, driving to the resort from Palma is fairly straightforward, once you've mastered driving on the wrong side, as the main C715 takes you all the way to Manacor and if you can then negotiate the Manacor ring road, the PM-V-401-5 will take you the final few miles over to the east coast. On a good day an experienced driver should do it in around 1.1/2 hours, but as in the UK if you get stuck behind a lorry, this will increase the journey time substantially.

Cala Mandia, Playa Romantica, or Porto Cristo Novo, which ever way you wish to refer to it, is still a relatively new resort destination that has been specifically developed to meet the ever increasing demand for tourist accommodation on the island.

If you've ever visited Majorca before, you may recognise that the town of Porto Cristo is synonymous with two of the biggest tourist attractions on Majorca, namely the Caves of Drac and Caves of Hams. As a result of this close proximity, Porto Cristo can sometimes become very busy during the summer months with coaches of day visitors. To a large extend Cala Mandia escapes this attention of the general public, and the only day visitors to the town are normally those looking for a relaxing day on the beach.

All things considered, it's a very quiet resort, perfect if you want to retreat and get away from it all, but still within easy reach of the more lively resort of Cala Millor which is only a short taxi ride away.

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